Using HiMama During COVID-19 Outbreak
Using HiMama During COVID-19 Outbreak

How To Use HiMama For Real-time Updates During The COVID-19 Outbreak

It is always important to reassure parents that the children are everyone’s top priority, but even more so during stressful times like the coronavirus outbreak. Whether your center is still open, or if the kids are now in their parents’ care, make sure to communicate effectively to keep the families in the loop and show that you are all on the same team.

Use HiMama

Through our messaging portal app, you can send real-time updates directly to the parents’ phones and/or emails. You can customize messages individually for each child, for the classroom, or even for the whole center.

Remember that communication is a two-way street and parents can use the app to send updates back to you about how their kids are doing at home. This real-time communication helps to strengthen the sense of belonging at your center. I’m sure the children will be on your mind if you’re temporarily closed.

Share preventative health measures

If your center is still open, make sure to communicate the measures you are taking to disinfect the facilities and ensure the safety of the children to parents. If you are not operating at the moment, share helpful hygiene tips like proper hand-washing information that families can teach the children to practice at home.  

Send updates on closures

Keep parents and families always up-to-date regarding your center’s closure information. If you are going to close, try to give parents as much notice as possible. Make sure to send them updates, even if there isn’t any news on your end. This will keep the channels of communication open and parents will know you will reach out as soon as you have new information about a possible reopening date.

Remote class availability

Parents will be thankful if you offer remote classes in your preschool, even if this is not something you have done before. It will help the kiddos to maintain the same routine, and continue to learn even if they are not in your physical presence. You can use online tools to showcase simple activities and help the parents to keep their kids busy for a little while.

Ideas for activities at home

Learning doesn’t have to stop, even if kids are away from your center. There are plenty of resources on the internet to help them continue to learn at home. Selecting this will be a breeze for you, but it can be very overwhelming for parents. Give them a hand by curating great activities that parents can easily do at home. If you want to go the extra mile, populate the lesson plan with a whole week of activities. Parents will surely thank you!

If you need a little inspiration, check out these daycare activities from HiMama!

Let us know if you’re getting creative with the HiMama app to maintain connection with your families during the outbreak. We’d love to hear what you’re doing!

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