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HiMama at the 2016 NAEYC Annual Conference for Early Childhood Education

HiMama at the 2016 NAEYC Annual Conference for Early Childhood Education

November 15, 2016 | Amanda Armstrong
The NAEYC conference is the largest early childhood education conference in the world that brings industry professionals, leaders and advocates together for four days of learning and fun. Attendees can attend workshops and networking sessions, as well as visit the Expo Hall with hundreds of organizations holding demonstrations, events and giveaways.

The HiMama team attended this year’s conference in Los Angeles from November 2nd – 5th and had a fantastic time. This was our second year at the conference, and we have to say – this one was even better than the last.

Here are our top 8 highlights from our time at the conference:

1. Dressing for the occasion

If you found yourself at NAEYC you probably ran into the HiMama crew at some point. We were hard to miss in our propeller hats and colorful pants. You can certainly expect to get propeller hat swag from us next year – all of our booth visitors wanted one of their own!

2. The HiMama Hunt and other booth events

There was never a dull moment at the HiMama booth in the 2016 NAEYC Expo Hall. We held a scavenger hunt (#HiMamaHunt) for a grand prize of $1,000 with hundreds of excited participants. Congratulations again to Melissa Torriero for solving our clues and claiming the prize on the final day! We also had lots of other fun activities at our booth throughout the day including jenga, a diaper changing race, and lawn darts.

3. Getting Feedback on our App

In addition to the games, we got the chance to show our app to educators and directors to get their immediate feedback. They were consistently surprised how easy it was to record in-classroom activities such as developmental observations with the app. We were very grateful for the opportunity to show industry leaders what we’ve accomplished and how we can work together going forward!

4. The NAEYC App

Speaking of apps, we had a lot of fun on the official NAEYC app! It was such a great way to engage with others at the conference, share photos, meet new people, and have fun.

5. International Welcome Reception

The pre-conference reception on the night before the conference began was a huge hit. We had appetizers (sliders!), craft beer, and took advantage of the opportunity to chat with other attendees.

6. The Keynote Speech

The keynote speech on Wednesday afternoon was a great official start to the conference and got us into the spirit of learning and connecting with one another.

7. Hundreds of amazing educational sessions

We often heard from attendees about how much they were enjoying the sessions and workshops they were visiting throughout the day. The early childhood education space is changing rapidly due to new research and digital trends, and the sessions are helping keep attendees up-to-date.

8. Meeting inspiring educators, leaders and students from around the world

The NAEYC attendees were so inspiring! We had countless discussions with very thoughtful and intelligent people working in the space today, as well as a lot of students who wanted to get a leg up on their future career. We met people from countries across the globe: Mexico, China, Columbia, Canada, the Philippines, and many more.


Thanks to everyone who shared the experience with us – hope to see you again next year! For those of who did not attend, learn more about next year’s NAEYC’s 2017 Conference in Atlanta here . Also - we'd love to hear about your experiences at the 2016 NAEYC conference. Tweet at us at @HiMamaSocial and join the conversation!

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