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HiMama attends the Inaugural Inspiring Fifty Awards in Ottawa

HiMama attends the Inaugural Inspiring Fifty Awards in Ottawa

May 7, 2018 | Amanda Munday
Starting off Monday with a road trip to Ottawa!

I am so proud to have been invited to attend the Inspiring Fifty Awards in our nation’s capital today. HiMama was invited to attend this session to see each of the 50 inspiring women in the Canadian tech and innovation sectors receive their award. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to see these women recognized and hear from The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Canadian Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development. Minister Bains spoke eloquently about the need for gender diversity in tech and innovation to best support the economy.

The Honourable Navdeep Bains at inspiring fifty

Inspiring Fifty, in partnership with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Canada, and with the support of the Senate of Canada, is proud to organize the first ever Canadian edition of the event, in order to identify and showcase the achievements and advancements of Canadian women in the science, tech, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

The women identified in this year’s cohort are from all walks of life - rocket scientists, engineers, CEOs, founders, social activists and technologists all working to better innovation in Canada. It was truly inspiring to see these women stand in front of a room of 150+ people and receive the recognition they deserve. Canada and the Netherlands strongly promote the advancement of diversity in the STEM fields – both countries recognize that the recruitment and retention of women and girls in these sectors will foster greater innovation, as well as a more inclusive and impactful workforce.

Supporting #EdTech and Early Childhood Education

There are important links between science, technology, math and engineering and early childhood education. I wrote this opinion piece for The Globe and Mail to provide a parent perspective. Equally as important as advocacy around childcare affordability and accessibility is recognition and the professionalization of women in STEM as well as early childhood educators. We know that ECEs are routinely undervalued and underpaid. Julia Rivard Dexter, Co-Founder of (friends of HiMama) Squiggle Park, is one of this year’s award recipients. Education Technology can further social missions and support our youngest children. Congratulations Julia!

Co-Founder of Squiggle Park Julia Rivard

Gender Diversity at HiMama

Representation matters and recognition is important. As far as software companies go, HiMama is leading in our gender diversity ratio. 70% of our team identify as women, and 80% of the management team are women-identifying. Our product and customer success teams are led by our Chief Technology Officer Alana Frome, a leader in STEM, and (fun fact) the first engineer at HiMama for the first three years. Pretty inspiring, if you ask me.

2018 Inspiring Fifty Award Winners

Inspiring Fifty is a Dutch-based organization, which has successfully engaged in multiple initiatives to highlight inspirational female role models in the tech and innovation sectors, as well as advocate for increased diversity and gender-parity in these important fields. The project has been embraced by several other countries in Europe including the UK, France, and the Nordics and, most recently, the initiative was launched in South Africa. You can find out more about Inspiring Fifty here.

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