himama academy course state and provincial approval guide for licensing annual training requirements

HiMama Academy State & Provincial Approval Guide

HiMama Academy is an on-demand training and professional development resource for early childhood educators. Educators designed and developed it to develop, support, and retain staff in a changing world. HiMama Academy is IACET-certified and recognized by the National Workforce Registry Alliance, which covers 16 states.

As an IACET-certified resource, educators are able to earn ‘Continuing Education Units,’ meaning that our content and learning framework has been certified at the highest standard. All course content is heavily researched and developed by accredited authors. 

Since our courses offer IACET-certified CEUs, it is generally accepted by license inspectors to meet the requirements for annual in-service training. Being that the National Workforce Registry Alliance recognizes us, this helps us to be accepted by more registries that are associated with them.

It is, however, up to the individual center to work with their local representatives to ensure that guidelines are followed and that hours and certifications are submitted. 

While anyone can sign up to take our online classes to earn CEUs, if you are trying to meet the professional development requirements of your state or province, please refer to our regional guide below. 

Approved/Accepted by the region

HiMama Academy meets the quality standards for approval/acceptance in the following states and provinces. Certificates from Academy can be submitted towards required yearly professional development training hours in these regions. As always, we recommend reaching out to your local licensing representative for guidance and please check with your local registry to see which HiMama Academy courses are available for credit in your region (not all courses may be available at the time).

Canada/International regions

Pending Approval/Not Approved by the region

HiMama Academy is currently seeking approval in the following states and provinces, or they do not accept out-of-region training. Centers are able to use our content to empower, educate and inspire their staff but cannot submit hours as part of their professional development requirements.


  • New Brunswick – Not approved by the EECD/EDPE, as they do not approve out-of-province trainers or training
  • Quebec – Not approved by the Ministère de l’Éducation, as they do not approve out-of-province trainers or training
  • Yukon – Not approved by the Yukon Government, as they do not approve out-of-province trainers or training

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