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Father’s day activities for your classroom

Father’s day is fast approaching (it falls on the third Sunday in June each year, this year’s being on June 19th!) but there’s still time to prepare your classroom! Many childcare centers choose to celebrate this holiday by having children take part in special activities. It’s important to celebrate all of the father figures and caregivers since every adult in a child’s life plays a role in their growth and development. 

It does indeed take a village!! 

This year, try integrating activities celebrating father figures into your lesson plans for the week. 

Here are 7 ideas to try! 

  1. Movement: walking in daddy’s shoes

Walking in shoes that are too big is easier said than done! In this activity, children step into “daddy’s” shoes and try walking around. Children will take turns trying on the shoes and moving around. Then, you can discuss why it’s hard to walk when your shoes are way too big. Extend the activity by setting up a finish line and seeing who can walk faster to it!

  1. Dad, you rock! 

Children love rocks and in this activity, they will get to paint and use markers to decorate a rock for their dad or another significant adult in their life. Children will use fine motor skills to paint and color their rocks, as well as write their names or a short message on them. As they work, encourage children to talk about things they like about their father figure. Be sensitive to diverse family dynamics as the conversation takes shape. Substitute the names of other special people in the children’s lives if you need to.

  1. Art: Father’s day card

Father figures and caregivers of all kinds enjoy receiving photos of their little ones. Children will decorate a frame to showcase a photo of themselves and use the framed picture to create a card. They will refine their fine motor skills as they cut, color, glue, fold, tape, and more. 

  1. Father’s day pencil cup

Every adult needs a safe place to keep their writing utensils, and father figures are no different! In this activity, children use fine motor skills to color, tear, and glue paper to decorate the outside of a sturdy cup that will serve as a pencil holder. The black and white motif will be pleasing to the eye and will add a pop of decor to any space. Continue to reinforce the concept of Father’s Day, being sensitive to those children who may not have a father figure at home. These special projects can be given to any significant caregiver the child chooses.

  1. Father’s day pizza poster

Children will use their imaginations and fine motor skills to create pretend pizzas that look good enough to eat. Next, they will slice their pizzas and glue them to a poster that lets dad know how much he is loved. If children do not have a father figure in their life, the project can easily be modified to include the name of another significant caregiver.

  1. Filling Father’s shoes 

Many father figures have large feet! In this activity, children will explore measurement to understand just how much bigger dad’s (or another special adult’s) feet are than their own. Children will trace, measure, compare and discuss the differences in size between their caregiver’s feet and their own. How many times can children trace their shoes inside their dad’s shoes? Encourage them to find out!

  1. Art: embellished envelope 

Children will utilize their fine motor skills as they paint, write, and more! Talk about the colors and patterns you see children creating with the sponges and paints. 

A lot of these activities can be wrapped up and taken home by the children as gifts to give the father figures in their lives as we celebrate Father’s Day! Let us know in the comments any additional ways you like to celebrate this day! 

Christie White

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