Embracing inclusivity: October activities for early childhood classrooms

October is a magical month full of crisp air, falling leaves, and the promise of exciting festivities. For early childhood educators, it’s an opportunity to celebrate diversity, and engage young minds in meaningful and inclusive learning activities that are relevant to this unique month. In this blog, we’ll explore a range of inclusive October activities that not only embrace the spirit of the season but also cater to the diverse needs and abilities of every child.

Harvest sensory bins

Create sensory bins filled with various materials like dried corn, pumpkin seeds, leaves, acorns, pine cones, and small pumpkins or gourds. You can also include small toy animals such as squirrels or owls that are associated with the month, and cups or spoons for children who will be scooping and dumping the items. This activity engages tactile senses and provides opportunities for exploration. Ensure different textures and sizes for a sensory-rich experience that accommodates all children, including those with sensory sensitivities. Be sure to only include larger, non-edible items for infants and toddlers and always have an educator monitoring the children at the station.

Multi-sensory leaf play

Set up a safe area where young children can explore leaves of various colors, shapes, and sizes. Lay out a soft blanket or mat, and let them touch and crinkle the leaves. Ensure the space is set up to welcome children of all levels of mobility.

Sensory pumpkin exploration

Engage in pumpkin sensory exploration and decoration. With a lead teacher, cut open a pumpkin and allow the children to feel the various textures of the inside and the outside of the pumpkin. After engaging in sensory exploration, provide the children with various tools like markers, stickers, or paint and allow children to choose how they would like to participate in decorating the pumpkin. Encourage creativity and self-expression, as well as a wide array of decorative items that will ensure every child can participate in this fun autumn activity.

Nature walks

Take the class on nature walks to observe the changing leaves, collect fallen leaves, or to simply explore and observe the changes happening in the community surround their school.

Multi-sensory cooking activities

Engage children in cooking or baking activities that incorporate a variety of textures, tastes, and smells using fresh ingredients of the month. What sources of food grow in October in your local region? Choose recipes that use in-season fruits and vegetables, and allow for adaptations, such as no-bake treats or sensory-friendly ingredients. 

Cultural celebrations

October is a month brimming with diverse cultural celebrations, including Diwali, Halloween, and Dia de los Muertos. Celebrate these festivals by incorporating crafts, stories, and traditional foods from different cultures. This not only educates children about the world’s various traditions but also fosters an environment of respect and acceptance.

Inclusive October activities in early childhood classrooms create an environment where every child feels seen, heard, and valued. By embracing diversity and accommodating various abilities, we not only promote empathy and acceptance but also lay the foundation for a more inclusive society. These activities not only celebrate the joys of the season but also foster a sense of belonging that will stay with children for years to come!

Happy October!

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Maddie Hutchison

Maddie is a Registered Early Childhood Educator with a Master's in Early Childhood Studies. Her specialty is in Children's Rights and she is currently a Content Strategist for HiMama!

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