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Educator Spotlight | Natasha Kocher

Educator Spotlight | Natasha Kocher

May 14, 2018 | Amanda Munday
Natasha Kocher | Red River Early Learning Centre | Waterloo ON

HiMama is improving learning outcomes for children zero to five. We support early childhood education because the sector is the most challenging teaching environment. Low wages, lack of professional development and long days; HiMama's aim is to ease childcare management and support early childhood professionals.

The HiMama team firmly believes that early childhood professionals deserve to be celebrated and that recognition is important. Our Educator Spotlight is one way we are shining a light on the important and undervalued work of childcare professionals.

Natasha Kocher Teacher

Natasha's Natural Leadership

I never realised how passionate I would be about early childhood education until I walked in to my first class and began to really understand the complexity of child development and what a huge impact the early years have on a person's entire life. I wanted to have a positive impact from that moment, to make childhood for the children in my class unhurried and magical.

Challenges in Early Education

I'm a home child care provider so despite my qualifications I am often seen as a babysitter. Working in my sector of child care collaboration with other professionals can be difficult as you are working independently. Funds are another huge challenge in regards to creating the classroom environment that I strive for, however I often remind myself that children don't need lots of material things as much as they require a carefully planned environment and a kind nurturing educator.

Natasha Kocher Teacher

Identities of Home Care Providers

I wish that home child care providers were held to higher esteem; we work very hard and do every aspect of the job alone.

Finding Joy

Close partnerships with families and watching the children grow and learn both bring Natasha so much joy in her work.

Natasha Kocher Teacher

Parent Communication

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship, I believe that being able to connect with the parents through HiMama and social media preserves the transparency in my program that the parents really like and it lets them have a window in to their children's learning.

Career Goals

I love the role that I'm in but some day, if I have the money, I would like to expand my program and open a center with lower ratios so each child could have individual attention.

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