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HiMama is improving learning outcomes for children zero to five. We support early childhood education because the sector is the most challenging teaching environment. Low wages, lack of professional development and long days; HiMama’s aim is to ease childcare management and support early childhood professionals.

The HiMama team firmly believes that early childhood professionals deserve to be celebrated and that recognition is important. Our Educator Spotlight is one way we are shining a light on the important and undervalued work of childcare professionals.


Early childhood has always fascinated me, as well as family dynamics. Kids see the world through a different perspective and it’s refreshing to be around them. Before college I knew how important the early years were and this theory was verified by education. Also overall working in early childhood is just plain fun!


The challenges Hima describes are familiar to many early childhood professionals. She reflected on three challenges that increase the daily difficulties present in early learning environments:

  • Connections: “I work as a private educator and one challenge is finding other private educators to connect with. As I work one on one with families in private homes, finding a good schedule for the children can also be a challenge as they develop. Working alone with children has its own challenges as well as all the care, observations and education is on me to plan and deliver. I also work as a supply staff in childcare centres and that brings its own challenges as it can be hard to be bounced around from centre to centre. ”
  • Respect: “Right now I really love the clients I work with. I don’t think much could be better in my day to day work. One thing I do wish could be better is the way people perceive what I do. I have been told many times “Why are you doing this? you can get a better job”. I think that’s across the board in ECE still but it’s even more prevalent with people who choose to work in private family homes providing care and education. I wish childcare and education in general was respected more and appreciated.”


“What brings me the most joy in my work is the close relationships I get to make with the children one on one. The environment allows for more time with fewer kids and more focus on the children as well. I also get to know families very well and support them in ways that they need.”


“Parent communication is important to me because I want to know how the parents are feeling about me and my work with their children. I keep them up to date on what we are doing, how the kids are feeling and what new things we have done.”


“I have goals beyond the role I am in right now and they are toward the advocacy of children’s rights. I have seen an increased need in centers regarding staff being more familiar with children’s rights and just a general awareness of how to treat children with respect and care.”, says Jackie.

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