Educator Spotlight | Daniela Ribu

HiMama is improving learning outcomes for children zero to five. We support early childhood education because the sector is the most challenging teaching environment. Low wages, lack of professional development and long days; HiMama’s aim is to ease childcare management and support early childhood professionals.

The HiMama team firmly believes that early childhood professionals deserve to be celebrated and that recognition is important. Our Educator Spotlight is one way we are shining a light on the important and undervalued work of childcare professionals.


To be honest, shortly after high school, my mindset was to become a Child Psychologist. I always loved being around children, so I assumed that’s what I was going to pursue. A short time after, I realized that it just wasn’t for me. I knew I wanted to work with children, I just did not know in what sense. After doing a few volunteer placements, I knew I wanted to be a teacher, an ECE teacher. I always wanted to be surrounded by kids and be a part of their learning. Besides parents, teachers are the secondary influence on their lives. Think of that… the magnitude of that concept, that in itself makes me feel so honoured and privileged to be part of that role, shaping and educating young children’s development.


Mona reflected on three challenges she faces in early learning environments:

  • Communication: I feel one of my challenges is trying to communicate with parents about what their child is learning through learning stories, documentation etc. I find the stigma that we are just babysitters is still real to this day. I always try my best to encourage more communication with parents and try to be an advocate for my classroom but that it is not always successful.
  • Professional Development: More professional development I feel is needed, aside from the CPL portfolio and workshops, I feel that I would like more support (Courses) and refreshers on up to date practices and strategies that I have not been familiar with since I have graduated from the ECE program in 2007 and many changes have been done. To this date I have relied on teaching myself, through placement students that I have worked with along with new co-workers that have just graduated from the program recently.
  • Workload: Lastly, in this field because we give so much of ourselves everyday to our positions, children and parents it is easy to become overwhelmed and overworked. Sometimes these prove to be very challenging to overcome.


Where do I begin? I have to say what brings me joy with my work is being part of that major role in a child’s life, educating them and being part of all of their major milestones. We are an extension of their parents which I take very seriously. My favorite part of my job is witnessing the “AH HA” moments a child has when they finally made a learning connection. I feel humbled and very grateful to be able to be a part of that.


Parent communication is completely based on trust. Parents bring their children to us, to educate, take care of and play with while they are unable to. Informing parents of what the child is learning, and daily routines is critical to their learning and development. Being on the same page with parents help children to learn basic life skills that they will need to become independent adults, build trust and confidence.


I love the position I am in currently as a head teacher in my room. I do have some goals that I would like to work towards to achieve for the future. I would like to educate and mentor ECE’s in the field whether it is in a supervisor position or teaching at our local college.


I wish there was more support for ECE’s in general and be able to wage match school board teachers. I also wish that with our license that we renew yearly, there are benefits included.

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