Educator Spotlight | Alli Evans

HiMama is improving learning outcomes for children zero to five. We support early childhood education because the sector is the most challenging teaching environment. Low wages, lack of professional development and long days; HiMama’s aim is to ease childcare management and support early childhood professionals.

The HiMama team firmly believes that early childhood professionals deserve to be celebrated and that recognition is important. Our Educator Spotlight is one way we are shining a light on the important and undervalued work of childcare professionals.


I have always wanted to work in Early Childhood Education, even as a little girl. I started babysitting at the age of 11, worked part time in a Child Care Centre and opened my own Family Day Care business at the age of18. After a short break to do some travelling, I have recently reopened my Family Day Care business and am loving it. My passion for Early Childhood Education is evident in everything I do and almost everything I say. I believe that as Early Childhood Educators, we are the beginning of their forever! People that know me will tell you my love for children is above and beyond. Watching them grow and learn is something that excites me. I am humbled to know, that I was a contributing factor to the success of a person. I fully believe that both the quality of a child’s environment and the experiences provided at the correct time in their development, are crucial to a child’s learning, life and future. Future generations start with us, and I love that feeling.


We face challenges daily, I’m not sure I could list 3. Each child is different, they learn differently, they have different interests, different personalities and face their own challenges. We as educators, need to find the time to work with each individual listening and watching them play as we ourselves learn. Finding time to mangage paperwork is sometimes tricky, but I am lucky to have an amazing support system! I find it challenging sometimes to seperate work life from home life, and have always struggled to find a balance. I am very generous with my time and am always thinking of work or activities even when I grocery shop; I see things like wooden pegs and a toilet roll holder and think BANG I need that for a fine motor activity!


The relationships I am building with the children currently in care, and those I have established with the children I have cared for in the past. I love nothing more than celebrating milestones in their lives and making them feel as special and loved as they make me feel. I attend 18th and 21st birthdays of children I cared for along their journey to adulthood, and knowing that a part of me helped build that strong, beautiful, kind & caring human! They are proud of who they are at the age of 3, 4, 18 & 21 and that brings so much joy to my life. Often when I am grocery shopping, eating out, or filling my car up with petrol, I see my little friends and hear the excitement of their voices screaming “MUUuuuuuummmmmm theres alli over there”. That is why I do what I do; that awesome feeling of being appreciated, and the words of “I love you Alli” given so freely, really help confirm how I feel about this work.


Parent communication is vital in early education. Children really only spend a brief period of time here in our space with me. I think communication with parents is one of the most essential parts of my work. It provides me with the knowledge of parental beliefs, concerns, needs and wants for their child. It also provides us both with specific information relating to each child, so we can work together as a team.


I love my job, I love everything about it. Taking the 2 years off that I did made me realise what I love to do, and that is why I am back doing FDC again.

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