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Easter holiday learning opportunities and activities

Educators are always looking for innovative and easy-to-implement activity ideas. It is very easy to go through hundreds of activities in a short period of time, so having as many new ideas up your sleeve as possible will make your days easier! Children have many materials in their home and classroom environments that they are familiar with. Bringing these materials to the forefront of a learning experience allows for children to become naturally engaged in the activity. 

One of our favorite learning materials that are commonly found in homes is eggs. We love to bring egg-shaped items into the classroom as learning materials for children. Children love to hold them, count them, paint them, fill them with treasure, etc. Also, eggs are very commonly associated with the Easter holiday!

Easter egg toddler and preschool activity ideas

  1. Spelling game – unscrambling eggs 

This is a cooperative game where a child and you (or an older sibling or classmate) will unscramble words to read out loud and then write down. The children will choose an “egg” to crack open and discover a collection of scrabbled pieces. Each egg contains a different word, which will then be rearranged until the correct spelling is found. Children will be so excited as they watch the tiles spill onto the table and be so proud of themselves once they discover what words they form!

  1. Coffee filter eggs 

Children will practice their fine motor skills by dipping items into colored water and painting their one-of-a-kind decorations. Then, hang the eggs so the children can proudly show off their creations!

  1. Egg yarn threading 

Children love to feel independent and this activity will allow them to do just that! They will use their first finger and thumb to form the pincer grasp and weave the string in and out of the cardboard cutouts. This activity can be done in multiple stages, including cutting out the egg, decorating it, and then threading the string around the shape!

  1. Salt painted eggs

Get your children mixing colors while working on their fine motor skills. This simple activity is very versatile and can be changed up to meet the season or holiday. You are simply using the glue as the design and then adding salt to the glue. This gives the glue texture and holds the food coloring that’s added to it. 

  1. Egg roll painting

This is a great activity that is very process-driven, and children can talk through it as they use their gross motor skills to create a fun piece of art. It also has a simple clean-up! Start by adding some white paper, paint, and some plastic eggs, and your child will be using their arms to tilt and turn the bin to create something unique. This is a great way to introduce color mixing and the idea of patterns. 

  1. Egg stamping

Egg stamping is a fun activity and a great way to teach and reinforce many skills. Children will have a focus on color, shapes, and increasing their fine motor development. You simply need some paper, paint, and plastic eggs to use as stampers to create a fun pattern or design. 

Allowing children to explore and use eggs as a learning material provides many opportunities to strengthen their fine and gross motor skills, along with creativity and imagination. It also allows children to learn more about the Easter holiday! Check out HiMama’s activity database for additional activity ideas for your busy classroom! 

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