Early Childhood Education Diversity Roundup

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the black community and to those who have experienced the injustice of having loved ones murdered by those who are supposed to serve and protect their community.We acknowledge that not all of us at HiMama will ever be able to fully understand or bear the weight of the daily injustice faced by the black community. That said, we want you to know that we are listening and we stand with you – whoever you are and wherever you are.

As a team, we are committed to educating ourselves, speaking up, and owning the change needed to build an equitable future for the youngest members of our society by amplifying underrepresented voices in the early education space. To start, here’s a roundup of 3 inspirational podcast episodes and 2 blog posts that focus on the impact that quality childcare can have on building a more equitable society.

🎙️ The Impact of High Quality Pre-K Programs with Lawyer & Author, Liz Huntley

We get a firsthand view into just how much of an impact quality early childhood education can have on a child’s future. Liz Huntley, a successful litigation attorney based in Alabama and author of her memoir More Than A Bird, shares her personal story of how her preschool program saved her life and set her on the part of becoming an inspirational advocate for accessible high-quality pre-K. 

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🎙️ Celebrating Diversity In Preschool with Child Care Consultant & Creator of PosiPower,  Jordana Shakoor 

Teaching about diversity is not a requirement, it is and should be an exciting learning opportunity for children and ECEs. Jordana Shakoor, Founder of JYS Consultants and PosiPower Concepts, tells us how to shift community perspectives by encouraging genuine curiosity in children (and adults!) to learn about new cultures and celebrating difference as part of the learning process in early years.

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🎙️ Changing The Status Quo With Quality Early Education with CEO of the Early Learning Neighbourhood Collaborative, Dr. Nkechy Ezeh

Local learning environments, cultural competence in the ECE community, and dual-generation involvement are things that are part of Dr. Nkechy Ezeh’s vision for quality early education. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, she shares her drive and inspiration to empower low-income communities with the resources needed to survive and thrive in their communities.  

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📋 Promoting Diversity With Books

Books are a great way to get children talking about many things and a great way to simplify what we may call “difficult” subjects. A book provides a starting point to a conversation and the opportunity for children to ask questions meaning that all we have to do is continue that conversation by answering their questions or asking more questions.

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📋 Teaching Diversity Without The “Tourist Approach”

The children and families at your preschool will come from different cultures, religions, skin colors, and socioeconomic backgrounds. This article shows how early educators can incorporate diversity and inclusion as part of their everyday programming, instead of only during cultural celebrations.

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We’d love to hear from you – what are your favorite resources for teaching young children about race and diversity? Let us know in the comments!

Carmen Choi

Carmen is the Marketing Coordinator and Preschool Podcast Manager on the HiMama team. She's been working with childcare business owners and consultants for 3 years. She is passionate making connections that empower the ECE Community through knowledge-sharing to support better outcomes for children, their families, and society!