December 2019 Update: What’s New

The HiMama team has been hard at work building bigger and better features for you. We’ve been especially focused on improving HiMama’s billing functionality, so if you don’t currently have access to this module and are interested in learning more please shoot an email to Find a summary of all the new features available below.

New: Invoice Discounts

You can now apply a discount to invoices sent to parents. Discounts allow you to clearly show your tuition fees minus the discount amount on an invoice. This way your invoices are clearly organized and the outstanding balance will be automatically recalculated to reflect the post-discounted balance. You can apply discounts as either a percentage-off or as a flat dollar amount off of child care fees. Once a discount is created it is available to be used center-wide.

Learn more about credits in the help center

New: Overpayment Credits

Has a parent overpaid you, or paid in advance of an invoice being sent? Well, now there’s a way to properly organize those overpayments in HiMama with payment credits. You can easily record that extra payment in HiMama and then apply it to the parent’s next invoice. The credit balance will be applied to the invoice and then the parent will be left to pay the remaining balance. For example, if you were overpaid by $50 and then the next invoice has a parent paying $500, your invoice will show an outstanding amount of $450. That parent would then only pay you $450, and the $50 credit would expire. 

Learn more about credits in the help center

New: Viewed Invoices

You can now see when a Sent invoice has been Viewed by the recipient! For example, the next time you invoice a parent, you will see a timestamp of the day in which they first viewed the invoice, regardless of whether they’ve paid you yet. This is a great feature that helps you stay on top of your invoices and empowers you to follow up with parents who have viewed an invoice but are late to pay.

New: Food Report

You are now able to export a record of all the meals provided by your center in a given month. This report is especially helpful if your center needs to submit documentation that shows meals being provided to children receiving subsidies. To access this report, visit the Report page, and then under the Monthly Center Reports section you will find the “Food Report.” 

New: Weekend Activity Planner

By setting your center to a 7-day week you can now plan activities on the weekend. This feature is useful for centers that offer services on Saturday and Sunday. To activate this feature, someone with administrative access to your HiMama account will need to visit the Login & Configurations page and then look under Center Settings.

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Maddie Hutchison

Maddie is a Registered Early Childhood Educator with a Master's in Early Childhood Studies. Her specialty is in Children's Rights and she is currently a Content Strategist for HiMama!


  • Jennifer M Rensberger says:

    These are great!! If you could also do an update that allows us to correct check in/out times from previous days/weeks and time cards that would be fantastic!!

    • Hi Jennifer! Thank you for your feedback. The ability to edit check-in records from the past is something HiMama is going to support very shortly 🙂 Stay tuned.

  • Awesome improvements!!! Great job guys!

  • Jelena McAlinden says:

    I agree with Jennifer. Being able to update previous times is amazing. Feel like you should be able to select a date and still make edits and additions to that day.

  • Abbie says:

    I would love to see a feature that allows the user to search archived messages for a particular student. Often, our teachers may want to go back and re-read a message, but have to scan through thousands of messages to find one, page after page. If we could search a specific child and see all their messages in one place, that would be a huge time-saver!

    • Hi Abbie, thank you for your comment. You beat me to it, we actually just released the ability to view all relevant messages connected to a particular child. This way you don’t have to search through everything.

      To get this done, log in to HiMama, visit the Contacts tab, select the child you wish to review, scroll down the page and you’ll notice a ‘View Messages’ link. This will open up a summary of all the messages between your center and that child’s parents or guardians.

  • Lisa says:

    The other thing that would be great for time cards is the ability to edit the total week time. We have paid sick time and vacation time that I have to manually add (using a pen and white out!!) at the end of the week before passing on to my accountant. If we could edit that online would be much easier!
    I do add a note at the bottom but she wants to be able to just read the total hours in the column on the side.

    • Thank you for your comment, Lisa. You will soon be able to edit past attendance records for both Staff and Children. So I believe this should address your particular workflow! Stay tuned.

  • Chris says:

    Is there a potential of having a notification sound when receiving a message from parents?

    • Hi Chris, you can indeed receive notifications via the HiMama mobile app. You would receive a push notification every time that a parent messages your center, or comments on a photo or video from one of your rooms. Please contact our Support team at this email address and they will help you enable that on your particular device!