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Contactless childcare center management in a post COVID world

Due to COVID-19, the way we communicate and interact with families at our center has changed. We live in a constantly changing digital world and sometimes trying to keep up with what this means can be overwhelming and stressful. However, when you find an app or system that truly adds value to your daily process and routine, you will see that the benefits are actually the overwhelming part. 

Contactless childcare management is one of these benefits. When your center fully transitions to a daycare management app such as HiMama, you will realize how effective “going digital” can truly be. 

Before you go digital, however, be sure that you have gathered all up-to-date parent email addresses and phone numbers. After you choose a daycare management app, begin to inform parents through flyers, announcements, and reminders so they can be prepared for the transition. Also, be sure to have the appropriate devices you need and a stable internet connection for all staff. Lastly, provide necessary training and practice for team members before officially launching so that the process can be as seamless as possible! 

Utilizing an effective childcare management app will help your center in the following ways:

Digital daily reports

Having accurate up-to-date information will set a family’s mind at ease during a time in which our world has shifted drastically. Parents want to know that their child is safe, healthy, and active when at your center and apart from them. Digital daily reports enable parents and educators to communicate without having to trade papers and notes. A daily report can reduce the number of stressors by easily including temperature check information, meal updates, and any mood or behavioral changes. These pieces of information are more important than ever due to COVID concerns!

Announcements and reminders

You will find that including announcements and reminders in a paperless daily report will enable parents to stay informed without the clutter of crumpled papers in the bottom of a backpack. All important information can be easily accessible through their app, an email, or a quick check on their cellphone. Communication is clear and can be revisited easily. This also provides an opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings. 

Sending and receiving photos

One of the best parts of using a childcare management app is the ability to share real-time photos with parents. This is a favorite feature! Families no longer wait to see their child until pick-up anymore. It is delightful for a parent to get a picture of their child engaging in an activity during a busy day. It also reminds the parent that they now have a way to stay connected to the center in various ways, and in a more consistent manner. This instills confidence in families. 

Checking children in and out

This process is much easier and much safer, especially in a world where the danger or fear of viruses has affected the way we operate. Entering information into an app also keeps records accurate and specific. Let parents know the procedures that need to happen in order to properly check their child in and out. Parents can add check-in notes without having to use paper and pen or trying to remind a teacher of something during the busy morning hours. 

Billing and payments

An automated digital payment platform will allow you to invoice and collect payments without using different communication systems. This will reduce the need for extra communication and having to send payment reminders and notices through email or during an in-person conversation. Payment information, records, and the need to send a message or ask a question about payment can easily be done through one platform. 

Contactless procedures will stay relevant long after the COVID pandemic is over. Along with ease of use, effectiveness, and clarity, a childcare management app also helps bridge a growing gap in our society. COVID has created a situation in which people feel disconnected from one another because of safety procedures and an abundance of caution to keep everyone safe. A proper management app will connect people and create opportunities for communication on a more consistent basis. That type of connection can truly help a childcare center and its families partner up to create a positive experience for all involved!

Linda Valloor

Linda spends her days teaching high schoolers the power of World Literature. She has been a high school teacher for 18 years and has her M.Ed. in Secondary English with a focus on urban and multicultural education. She moved from Illinois to Pennsylvania 15 years ago when she married her wonderful husband, John. She is a mama to 12-year-old twin girls and a younger daughter who is 8. In her spare time, Linda loves to write poetry, cook (and eat) international cuisine, play games too competitively with her family, and snuggle her dog, Rockwell.