Classroom Safety Tips When Reopening [Webinar]

In this webinar, we talk about how to strike a balance between providing a safe and engaging environment for children to come back to when reopening. Our special guests, Amanda Shroyer and Corrine Manning, share their experience and things they’ve learned from the process.

🎤 Our Special Guests

Amanda Shroyer – Administrator at Life’s Little Treasures

Amanda is the cool aunt, a pet rescuer, and the creative mind behind Muddy Feet Early Learning (Life’s Little Treasures Daycare). She carries a planner to act like she has her life together, and hoards mis-tint paint because there’s always a project to do. The driving force of her work is to teach children to love the earth and be good people

🧪 Key Learning Outcomes from Amanda

  • A positive attitude is key to helping children adapt to all the new procedures at the center.
  • You’re the expert of your classroom – ECEs know their rooms and kids best and that’s key to supporting
  • Get creative and make the process fun! Being silly with the kids helps them get into the new routines.
Corrine Manning – Director at Lakeview Montessori

The majority of the past two decades of my career have been spent as an AMI Primary Teacher at various  Montessori schools across the Greater Toronto Area. Two years ago I decided to utilize my acquired business skills in the financial services field (my first career after obtaining my Business Degree back in 1992) into a Development and HR role at Lakeview Montessori School here in Windsor, Ontario. My combined passion for the Montessori Methodology and effective business management practices have led me to where I’m at today. This pandemic is a new experience for us all so maneuvering through it collaboratively in order to provide a safe learning environment for children I believe is of utmost importance.

🧪 Key Learning Outcomes from Connie

  • Preparation is key – Keeping the lines of communication open with parents and staff helped tremendously with a smooth reopening process.
  • Balancing the Montessori method & safety requirements meant that they had to adjust the materials available to children while keeping the method the same.
  • Allowing teachers to make their own decisions regarding wearing masks while teaching works with each person’s comfort level and limits unnecessary anxiety in the environment.

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Shoutouts from the audience

Debra Nelli
Common sense, Lysol and bleach water will get us all through this!

Sherri Scott
We have creted alot of calming sensory bottles and baggies. We moved furniture to create pocket play areas instead of the open concept we use to have.

Kalynn Hubbard
We are breaking up our outdoor space into 3 sections so each group has their own outdoor space. Each space will have a sensory table, tables, and equipment to play on. They will get to spend a week in each section.

Stella Ehi-Egege
We started with very small class size in a staggered scheduel, some in the morning and itehrs in the afternoon. Prior to re-opening, we created videos for families and did classroom tours on the video so families are aware of what to expect. It was pretty smooth on our first day. 

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    I work with infants and young children, they hug each other and get into it. Their mouths share toys, and it is difficult to keep them in one place.