Childcare Labor Crisis: Let’s Talk About It [Webinar]

In this webinar we welcomed Tony D’Agostino, CEO and founder of Inspire Care 360! Tony walked us through the changing landscape of staff hiring and retention, and what we need to do to keep up. He helped us understand the impact that rewards and benefits can have in improving recruitment and maximizing staff retention. He highlighted the main reasons that early childhood educators choose to stay at a center, and importantly, why they choose to leave. Tony left us with actionable strategies on how we can improve our staff hiring process, find better quality educators and improve the lifecycle of our staff. Finding quality staff is hard, but keeping them is even harder. You do not want to miss this webinar with Tony to learn more about improving staff hiring and retention at your center!

🎤Our Special Guests:

Tony D’ Agostino, CEO and Founder of Inspire Care 360!

Tony has spent over 10 years as an early learning and childcare owner and operator of up to six childcare centers in Western New York.  He has also led the development of over 6900 hours of early learning curriculum, the 9 Key Development Areas.  Prior to the early learning space, Tony led practices in Human Resources with close to 20 years of experience in adult training and curriculum development. 

Tony led employee engagement through extensive communications solutions and group purchasing with his own companies, and MSI Services. Corporate experience with Ernst and Young, Pearson Education, Drake Beam Morin, ACS and Xerox Corporation specialized in delivering managed solutions and outsourcing solutions to clients. These experiences culminated in the development and business services of Inspire! Care 360. The vision is to provide business owners with more time to develop and ready the children, as well as significant savings for their business

🧪Key Learning Outcomes from Tony!

  • 40 – 50% turnover on average, extremely high industry turnover, 1 employee turnover can cost up to $10,000 USD
  • When you recruit, don’t hire just for experience, hire for values/culture/fit
  • People want love and belonging, and want to feel a sense of self-esteem – they are spending so much time at work, and this is where they need to satisfy some of their higher order needs!
  • Wage-based recruiting- People come for the money, but are they quality and passionate employees? Is money alone enough to retain them if you don’t provide a good work environment?
  • Challenges of recruiting and retaining– You need to focus on why they are with you.
  • Most sought after benefits for employees (in order of importance): Remote work, health care, paid time off, flexible hours, paid family leave, four day work week, free food.


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Maddie Hutchison

Maddie is a Registered Early Childhood Educator with a Master's in Early Childhood Studies. Her specialty is in Children's Rights and she is currently a Content Strategist for HiMama!

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  • Jennifer Wade says:

    Tony D’Agostino gave out some good information on How to reduce turnover at the childcare center. I fine that a lot of turnover is because of who you work with, management, poor compensation, no opportunity to grow and toxic culture all these are good reasons their are so much turnover on these jobs.
    Thank you

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