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Childcare administration starter kit [free download]

Early childhood education can be thankless and exhausting day-to-day, but the benefits it provides for the next generation are immeasurable. Children are our future, and early childhood education fundamentally shapes their development. Providing them with a positive learning environment during their most formative years is essential to helping them become healthy, well-rounded adults. As a new childcare center director or owner, you will be a part of their childhood. And let’s not forget about all of the hard-working parents you are supporting at the same time! 

Childcare Admin Starter Kit header

Opening a childcare center can be a great opportunity for an aspiring entrepreneur who loves children and early learning. Use this kit as a guide to help walk you through the process!

Download this free starter kit for everything you need to prepare your new childcare center to open!

This starter kit has everything you need to set up your new childcare center for success, including:

  • Budget spreadsheet
  • Rates overview template
  • Child payment records template
  • New center supplies purchasing list
  • Employment application form
  • Staff evaluation form
  • Staff time-off request form
  • Applicant reference check
  • Accident report
  • Field trip permission form
  • Parent survey questions
Childcare Admin Starter Kit header

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