Child Care Pandemic Policies For COVID-19 [Webinar]

In this session of the HiMama Helps Webinar series, we interview Andrew Roszak, Executive Director of the Childhood Preparedness Institute on the different things that child care providers have to adapt to when reopening centers to families.

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Andy Roszak

Andy’s tips:

  1. Plan your policies before opening & communicate them with families and set expectations on how you are going to be screening everyone. Make sure that everyone is clear on your policies – have parents or guardians sign and acknowledge them.
  2. Sanitation materials – Sanitation materials & PPE are hard to come by. You can get creative by reaching out to closed businesses (schools, gymnasiums, restaurants) in your area to see if they have any to spare.
  3. COVID-19 outbreak – Operating on the front line means exposure to the risk of an outbreak. Ensure that your center has a space (ideally with a window) to isolate them from the rest of your community until they can be sent home.
  4. The second wave – The virus is not “coming back” – it has never left. The second wave means a second peak of infection that will put a strain on healthcare infrastructure. As a society, we should be vigilant about prioritizing everyone’s health and safety.

Andy began his emergency preparedness career as a firefighter, paramedic and is a licensed attorney in Illinois. He is passionate about supporting the childcare community with emergency plans that will work reliably when they need to be put into action.

Studies mentioned by Andy:
COVID-19 on shoes
Social Distancing & COVID-19 Spread

Superstar comments from our audience

A quick reframing of our current situation from Impact Wales:

Brianna K:
I would ask them (center admin) what their policies are going to be as far as health checks, PPE, pick up and drop off? I would ask what is going to be the procedures for moving from classroom to other areas such as outside? What is their proposed plan for what this will look like? How are you going to keep parents anxiety down with new policies and procedures? Are we going to be able to have a meeting of some sort to discuss these with parents? I think that being very specific about what you are having anxiety about and asking for clarity is key not only to ease our own anxiety but also parents anxiety because the parents will be coming to you for answers.

Ohio centers were told by Governor Dewine that they could reopen as of June 1. Child care programs (home and centers) are asking parents to bring (and leave) a set of shoes/slippers as indoor shoes only to wear when children get there.

I think carpets should be removed entirely during these times. They hold so many germs even with cleaning. No need to add more stress.

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