Challenging Behavior & COVID-19 [Webinar]

In this webinar, we chat with Tessa Brock, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Infant/Toddler Mental Health Endorsed Level III (IMH-E III), about navigating challenging behavior as we learn to live with COVID-19. This session is a must-watch if you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or just looking for new trauma-informed strategies.

🎤 Our Special Guest

Tessa Brock

Tessa is a passionate, engaging, and inspiring presenter who tackles the tough topics of Trauma-Informed Approaches, Communication, Positive Guidance, Reflective Practice, Self-Care, and Diversity with a balance of expertise, honesty, and humor.  Tessa has a Master’s degree, is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and is Infant/Toddler Mental Health Endorsed Level III (IMH-E III).  She has been the Mental Health Coordinator for a federally funded early childhood agency for over 20 years were a significant part of her role is supporting classroom teachers, home visitors, coaches, and parents with social-emotional development for children, to include creating practices of prevention and intervention for children and families. Tessa actively trains, consults, and partners with organizations and Prekindergarten through 12th-grade schools to enhance relationship-based and trauma-informed skills and strategies used with professionals, students, and parents.  The Neurosequential Network acknowledges that Tessa has completed NMT Training Certification through the Phase I level.  Tessa is a certified trainer for Arizona ACES, Crucial Conversations, CLASS PreK and Toddler.   She is an international speaker and statewide consultant.

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🧪 Key Learning Outcomes

  • We’ve all in the same storm, but on different boats. Every person’s experience through the COVID-19 pandemic has it’s own set of challenges. That’s totally fine!
  • Challenging behavior does not define a child – When a child acts out, it does not define who they are. It’s just that they’re going through an uncomfortable experience and having an emotional reaction.
  • Control what you can – YOU! – We can control how we react to a situation that is outside of our control. This does not mean that you have to be perfect! Practice self-awareness and own your reactions.
  • Early educators are heroes – Working with young children and families offers ECEs the unique opportunity to have a direct impact. Remember to be present, be silly, and have fun!

🌟 Audience shoutouts

Special shout out to every single person who has taken the time to show up to this session (live or recorded!). We also want to extend our thoughts and good vibes to anyone who has experience loss during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rita Ross 
Trauma informed to me means always understanding that my behaviour must be modified to help the individual who may not be able to help themselves because of situations and experiences that are not in their control. Every crayon box is not the same and depending on how you hold the crayon you get a different result. We get a different result with every experience and with different individuals. Never have expectations just treat children as individuals.

Angie Nguyen
The best medicine just to be stupid and laugh!

Andrea Snyder
I worked with [children with challenging behavior] for years, they became my heroes. No matter how bad their night was, they got up and came to school.

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