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Celebrating World Teacher Day with your colleagues and children

Teaching is one of the hardest yet arguably one of the most important jobs in the world. 

Do you have an educator that has made a lasting impression on you? 

Do you want to make sure that all educators are celebrated and recognized for their hard work? 

Then join the global celebration every year on October 5th! World Teachers’ Day aims to acknowledge, evaluate and enhance the instructors of the world as well as highlight the issues facing educators and the teaching process in general.

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In 1966, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO, passed the ILO/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. It established benchmarks regarding the rights and responsibilities of educators. It set standards for everything from training and continuing education, to recruitment and employment, to working and learning conditions.

One day is hardly enough to acknowledge and appreciate everything that educators do for children, their caregivers, and the community. How is it that the people working to shape the next generation are generally overworked and underpaid? Most early childhood educators are in the profession because they truly care about encouraging the development of our children. They have made it their life’s purpose because they love seeing children grow and flourish into their individual selves. As rewarding as that work can be, it’s worth taking a moment to recognize just how underappreciated it is.

Education is a fundamental human right and a public good. It transforms lives by driving economic and social development. It promotes peace, tolerance, and social inclusion. It is key to eradicating poverty. And it enables children and young people to fulfill their potential.”


Why World Teachers’ Day matters

Honoring the educator’s journey and day-to-day responsibilities: More people should reflect and recognize that educators have a very challenging profession. One day to thank those that have played such a huge role in our children’s development is not enough. We need to keep this top of mind year-round! 

Advocacy for better compensation and more respect: Who knows more about childcare and early education than the people who work in this industry? You know the issues. You know how broken our childcare system is, and you probably have at least a few ideas for how to fix it! As childcare professionals, we have a responsibility to come together and speak in a unified voice to demand childcare be more equitable, accessible, and affordable. October 5th is the perfect time to kickstart this!

Celebrating progress and pushing for more: World Teachers’ Day is a great time to think about how far teaching has come as a profession. But there’s still more to be done! Demand change that will support equity, accessibility, and affordability for the families you serve and the educators you work with. Share real issues and present possible solutions.

Observing World Teacher’s Day in your classroom

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Think back to when you first realized that you wanted to be an educator. Is there a moment that stands out? Was there someone who served as your inspiration? You might want to consider reaching out to them and letting them know what a large impact they had on your life and career choice.

Ask your children to think of who their favorite educator is and to share why that person stood out to them. Feel free to write down or record the answer as some are likely to be sweet and maybe comical! See if they can get creative, maybe by making a drawing or letter expressing their gratitude if they are still in touch with this person. Even a simple “thank you” can make an educator’s day! 

  • Celebrate all educators at your center: 

Directors can encourage children and their families to create videos expressing their gratitude for their educators and post them on social media, or put on a celebratory event where families can come together and express their thanks to educators in person! 

World Teacher Day occurs only once a year, but educators’ hard work is year-round. Showing respect and appreciation towards all educators will positively impact them and also the children they care for. We see you, we value you, and we applaud you! 

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