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Celebrating Canada Day in your preschool classroom!

Canada Day is a national holiday celebrating the country’s confederation in 1867. At first, the holiday was called Dominion Day, but in 1982 Canada gained complete independence from Great Britain and it was renamed Canada Day. It falls on July 1st each year and is a day for Canadians to show pride in their country’s history and culture.

Ways to celebrate Canada Day in the classroom 

Why not start with Canada’s national anthem? 

The song “O Canada” was officially made the national anthem on Canada Day in 1980.

You can also have some fun in the kitchen and make a Canadian recipe. Chatelaine provides 14 Classic Canadian Recipes including lobster rolls and poutine! 

Children’s books to celebrate Canada Day

Check out this great selection of children’s books by indigenous authors for more recommendations!

Classroom activities to celebrate Canada Day 

Paper tube fireworks

This easy art activity will keep kids entertained and allow them to explore coloring and mixing while practicing fine motor skills. You can even add some texture to this activity with glitter! Sprinkle some on top of the paint when it’s still wet to add some depth to the paintings.

Flashy fireworks headband

Children can explore their creativity by making headbands with their favorite fireworks pattern on them! 

Discuss/do: Beavers

Beavers are the national animal of Canada! Learn about them while developing literacy and language skills discussing their habits, what they look like, what they eat, etc. 

Children in childcare classrooms, especially preschoolers, will be very excited to celebrate Canada Day with their peers in addition to celebrating over the long weekend with their friends and family! They will learn more about their country and why they can be proud to call Canada their home! 

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