At-Home Exercises for Kids

With most families stuck at home during the COVID-19 crisis, ensuring that kids get their daily exercise in can be quite the challenge. While at-home exercises have become increasingly popular for adults to keep active, not a lot of attention has been given towards getting the kids moving at home as well.

Below, you’ll find a collection of fun and easy-to-follow exercise videos designed just for preschoolers and school-age children. Ranging from low to high intensity, each one will challenge your kiddo in unique ways to get moving in creative ways and let out their energy while building strength and stamina. 

Kid-Friendly At-Home Exercises

In this video is a collection of exercises that are easy to understand and follow, with colorful animations and a friendly narrator to guide children through the sequence and get the most out of each activity.

This 10 minute workout is great for everyone in the family to have fun and challenge each other with. Get extra competitive by awarding a prize to whoever can do the most repetitions within the time limit, such as getting to choose what’s for dinner or being allowed to stay up an extra 15 minutes past bedtime!

Dancing is a great way for kids to express themselves while getting some serious exercise in. This video from KIDZ BOP has 34 minutes of dance-along videos featuring popular songs that provide a well-balanced collection of easy-to-follow moves with challenging new ones to keep the kiddos going.

These exercises are a great way to incorporate visual aids to help your kiddo build up some serious strength! Children will perform a series of endurance exercises where they physically interact with toilet paper in creative ways. Some of the exercises may be too advanced depending on the child’s age, so pick the ones that your kiddo will be able to perform or don’t worry too much if they’re not able to do them as precisely.

Yoga is an easy and fun way for kids to get their daily physical activity in, and this video makes it extra fun by having a theme based on Disney’s Frozen. The workout does a great job of motivating kiddos to go through the entire journey by performing various yoga exercises for a whopping 30 minutes!

After all of the excitement of some of the more intense exercise routines in this collection, be sure to try this 4 minute cool-down routine to help your kiddo calm back down.

Have any other fun at-home workouts for kids? Share in the comments below!

Michael Keshen

Michael writes for HiMama's early childhood education blog and ECE Weekly newsletter. When not developing content for early childhood professionals, he can usually be found out and about with his wife and daughter exploring all that Toronto has to offer, or playing music with his karaoke band.

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