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A Strong Foundation Starts in Early Childhood Education

In this episode of The Preschool Podcast, we welcome Terry Nealon, the CEO of Learning Without Tears, a leading early learning company based in metro Washington, DC. Under his leadership, LWT has experienced rapid growth globally, expanding its digital, print, and professional learning solutions, fostering foundational education skills in Pre-K–5 students. In this episode, we discuss how Learning Without Tears contributes to a positive early learning experience and the role technology plays in children’s learning. 

How does a company like Learning Without Tears ensure that they are committed to their ongoing mission to ensure every child has access to quality education while remaining business-focused? Terry explains that Learning Without Tears started as a family-owned company and the teams were hyper-focused on building a level of trust and authenticity with people responsible for using the products in the classroom. With a 40-year track record of success, Learning Without Tears remains that rare company in Education – independent from the corporate giants, and far more seasoned and resourced than those unproven startups. The products that Learning Without Tears develops are incredibly well researched, very clear in the foundational skills the children will learn and develop and are always tied back to the “why” of the company’s mission – to make learning effective, easy, and fun.

The more we focus on the learning outcomes, the better company we are.

Terry Nealon, The Preschool Podcast

Shifting to the topic of technology, Terry says that there have been so many opportunities for people to become more collaborative with one another when it comes to children’s learning and development. Technology now is at a point where educators can gather content and resources quickly that are aligned to each student’s individual needs. Educators can more easily see what’s working and what isn’t working thanks to technology. What we now need to do is empower our educators to understand the needs of their students in real-time. Technology can help inform the needs of students. It will never take away the importance of the educator but can certainly take away some of the challenges educators face when it comes to building assessments, creating engaging content, or reporting.

Learning Without Tears provides professional development workshops and programs for educators. Check out their website for more information or to secure your spot for their next workshop.

LWT Professional Learning PR

Pre-K Workshops

Emergent Writing Workshop

LWT PR Early Literacy Program

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