8 Tips for Putting on Snowsuits Without a Fight

Getting snowsuits, mittens, hats, scarves and boots on a group of young children is quite the task, since they’ll often put up a fight against the bulky, hot and cumbersome winter gear.

Though both children and their caregivers dislike the dressing process, snowsuits are a reality at this time of year to keep little ones warm and dry as they play in the snow. If you’re looking for tips on how to get those snowsuits on without a fight this winter, look no further! The HiMama team has compiled this list of cold weather tips to make dressing for the outdoors less of a challenge:

1. Sing!

Make getting dressed for winter weather more fun by singing a special song about getting ready. You might also consider making getting ready a game or challenge to keep preschoolers focused on the task at hand. We love Daniel Tiger’s Morning Routine song!

2. Set up a System

Create a system for suiting up. Always have children put on their winter gear in the same order to reinforce the routine and get used to putting on their hats, mittens, boots and snowsuits on their own.

3. Empower Older Children

Have older children help younger children get their snowsuit on. Zippers can be challenging for some preschoolers, so take advantage of those who have mastered the skill by giving them responsibility to help.

4. Washroom Check First!

Always remember to ask children if they need to use the bathroom before putting on their snowsuit. All teachers and parents have experienced the struggle of fighting to get a child bundled up just to have them need to use the washroom five minutes later!

5. Encourage Layers

Recommend that parents send their children to school in layers during the colder months: A thin base layer to keep dry, a middle layer to keep them warm and an outer layer (their snowsuit) that will keep heat in and protect them from moisture.

6. Have Extra Supplies Ready

Any hint of discomfort will lead to unhappy preschoolers and a tendency to fight to remove cold-weather clothing. Have extra hats and mittens on hand to replace damp ones as soon as possible so children can stay comfortable and warm as they play.

7. Switch Wet Clothes Quickly

In the event that a child’s clothing becomes wet underneath their snowsuit, have a spare set of clothing on hand for a quick change once you come indoors.

8. Check Mobility

Ensure that children have proper mobility once their snowsuit is on. Once they’re all bundled up, it can sometimes seem like they have no room to move! Make sure their layers and winter accessories are not impeding movement.

Don’t let snowsuits stop you and your preschoolers from having fun outdoors this winter. With these tips, you can reduce the discomfort factor for children and get outside into the snow with less stress!

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