6 Preschool Field Trip Ideas

Field trips for preschoolers can help enrich your curriculum. Here are some of our favorite field trip ideas for preschoolers!

Firsthand experiences can enhance understanding for young learners and help them make connections between their in-classroom experiences and the real world. The key to choosing and planning field trips for preschoolers is to let your curriculum and your preschoolers’ interests guide you. Remember to select age-appropriate, safe and inclusive activities for your outings to ensure both you and your students have a wonderful experience.

The Farm

Often, young preschoolers may not have had the opportunity to experience the workings of a farm firsthand, or get up close and personal with farm animals. Farms aren’t just about the barnyard critters, however! There is lots to learn from farms that grow certain types of crops, fruit orchards, trees and more. Each of these farming processes offers different experiences for your preschoolers to learn from.

Local Library

The sheer number of books available at your local library makes it a great field trip for preschoolers to enhance their love of reading. Allowing preschoolers to choose their own books, share quiet reading time or read a story as a group makes for a great outing. Librarians can also help children understand how to use the library and search for books on topics they’re interested in.

Restaurant or Bakery

Getting a behind-the-scenes tour of a restaurant kitchen or bakery allows preschoolers insight into how some of their favorite foods are made. With plenty of cool equipment like giant walk-in-freezers, ovens, mixers and more, children will think about how their food gets prepared and the science behind how it changes as it cooks.

Fire Department

Preschoolers love to see action, and what better place than the fire department to see the excitement? Not only will preschoolers learn a bit about fire safety, they will also observe the gear used by firefighters, see the flashing lights of the truck and understand what day to day life at the firehouse is like.

Children’s Museum

While a big museum may be overwhelming for little ones, a children’s museum is designed just for them. There are bound to be plenty of exhibits about technology, science and history with opportunities to touch, interact and experience.

The Park

Nothing beats a great trip to an outdoor park – especially if it’s one you don’t typically visit. This type of field trip offers lots of fresh air and space to burn off energy while learning a little bit about nature and local wildlife.

After your field trip, remember to always follow up with further related activities. Ask preschoolers to create stories and drawings to describe their experience on the field trip. Or, have the class use new props and materials in their dramatic play to re-create scenes and experiences from the trip. Reinforce new vocabulary and ideas discovered on the trip through math, science or reading activities. There are truly endless opportunities to extend the field trip beyond just the trip itself and into your classroom.