5 Delightful Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers for 2021

Let’s face it…we’ve all had a difficult year. That’s what makes this year’s Valentine’s Day all the more special and needed!

Get the kids involved for these fun, sentimental AND educational early childhood activities just in time or Valentine’s Day.

Best of all? These all use materials you likely already have lying around — perfect for those last-minute planners who have had way too many other priorities to juggle lately (I’m definitely guilty of this as well!).

Cardboard Heart Stamping

Domain: Cognition

Skill: Identifying patterns

This activity will help get the children thinking more about hearts, patterns, and colors. Use this opportunity to also discuss what a heart does in the human body and the feelings that come with love!

Counting Hearts Wands

Domain: Cognition

Skill: Counting

Get the children into counting hearts with this fun Valentine’s Day activity! Not only will they be working on their fine motor skills, but also learning more about numbers and counting while having fun.

Heart Symmetry

Domain: Cognition

Skill: Classifying

Symmetry painting is fun no matter the age. This activity is a great introduction to shapes and symmetry and will allow the children to make truly one-of-a-kind creations!

Broken Heart Letter Puzzles

Domain: Language

Skill: Letter recognition

Don’t let the name fool you — this activity is lots of fun and will put a smile on everyone’s faces! Have your child matching up broken hearts while learning different letters, words, and sounds. This fun puzzle is easily adaptable to get your child to learn and think outside the box.

Dancing Hearts

Domain: Language

Skill: Using descriptive language

Get your children talking about hearts with this fun and exciting science experiment. Watch as the candies move around in the liquid thanks to some cool (and safe!) chemical reactions.

What activities do you have planned for Valentine’s Day? Share with our community in the Circle Time! For Early Childhood Educators Facebook group!

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