4 sensory snow activities to try

Nature’s unlimited school supply!

As providers and caregivers, it’s important that we offer opportunities for preschoolers to discover the environment around them. One of the best ways to do this is through sensory activities that combine playful fun and constructive learning. These snow projects are sure to get children excited about winter weather!

Use this activity as an opportunity to get children outside and into the snow! Fill a few gallon-sized buckets with water and add food dye to make several different colors. Hand out large paintbrushes and have the children paint pictures in the snow using the color buckets. This activity is lots of fun and the snow will work for rinsing off the paintbrushes too!

2. Have the class conduct a sensory science experiment

Start by showing the class a cube of ice and ask if they think it will get larger, smaller, or stay the same when it melts. Next, give each child a clear plastic cup and let them go outside and fill it to the brim with snow. Return the cups to the classroom and have them observe what happens when the snow turns to water.

No snow outside? This project can easily be modified by first letting the preschoolers touch and examine a bowl of ice cubes instead of showing one to the class. The second half can be demonstrated by the educator, using shaved ice from a blender.

3. Learn about winter weather through tabletop activities

A simple search online will result in fake snow recipes that are wet, dry, sticky, and powdery. Try making a batch of each kind and putting the play snow in tabletop bins. Preschoolers can sit together and feel how each type has a different texture and consistency. Use this sensory activity to discuss the different kinds of snowy weather.

4. Make your own snow dough

Activity to make snow dough preschool

Just like modeling clay, snow dough is a fun, hands-on way to bring wintertime into the classroom. Check this simple recipe with only 2 ingredients! Since it’s DIY artificial snow, consider adding extras like glitter or food dye to make different colors. Provide snow clay accessories like buttons for snowman eyes or craft sticks for snowflakes!

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