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3 Reasons to Pursue an Early Childhood Educator Degree

3 Reasons to Pursue an Early Childhood Educator Degree

February 29, 2016 | Ron Spreeuwenberg
Many colleges and universities are offering accredited Early Childhood Education degree programs that equip graduates with the knowledge and skills they need to help young children develop during their extremely important early years.

Pursuing an Early Childhood Education degree or diploma offers a host of benefits for students and the children they work with, opening up endless career opportunities, providing a better understanding of how a child’s learning develops, and much more. Here is a look at the top 3 reasons to consider and ECE degree if you are interested in a career in child care, or are already working in the field and wish to expand your knowledge.

Better Understand Childhood Development

Put simply, pursuing an ECE degree allows you to do your job more effectively. Early childhood education programs put a focus on the fundamentals of child development, teaching students how to help children learn about themselves and develop the essential skills they will need later in life. By studying ECE theories and putting them into practice, your degree will help you better understand how young children learn, allow you to interpret child behaviors and actions, and encourage further learning through play. Once you have completed your program, you will be able to provide a higher standard of care in any type of child care job you perform.

Open Up Career Opportunities

Obtaining an ECE degree allows you to take your career in any number of directions, depending on your individual areas of interest. Your early childhood education program can prepare you for a variety of roles, including a home child care provider, educational assistant, preschool teacher, before or after school care provider, camp director, parent educator and more. The possibilities are endless! When it comes to nearly any career that involves working with children, having an early childhood education degree under your belt will give you an advantage.

Build Credibility and Trust

Whether you choose to work as a home daycare provider, open your own childcare facility or work as part of an existing child care team, an ECE degree demonstrates that you are knowledgeable, capable and trustworthy. When searching for a suitable childcare for their child, parents often look for highly qualified educators who possess ECE degrees and other relevant certifications. Having completed an early childhood education program will lend credibility to you as a caregiver and any team of care providers you work with.

At HiMama, we understand the importance of high quality childcare facilities and qualified child care providers. If you are an early childhood educator searching for the perfect position, or are a child care center looking for the ideal candidate, visit the HiMama Jobs site to view job listings or post one of your own!

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