The 7 Greatest and Not So Great Holiday Teacher Gifts

There are a lot of people to buy for – after family and close friends, there is also the neighbor who shovels your driveway, the mailman, the Secret Santa at work and… your childcare provider! We love Educators and know that you appreciate all their hard work and effort throughout the year. This year, make sure your gift is something they will truly cherish. We put together a list of affordable items to buy for your daycare provider, Educator (ECE) and any other staff.

For those parents with school-aged children – don’t forget the classroom ECEs! These team members are often part-time and your token of appreciation will go a long way in bringing holiday joy.

Here are the 7 Best Teacher Gifts

1. Monogrammed gifts

Create personalized stationery or a unique Tote bag – something that educators can bring along to work. This gift does double duty as practical yet luxurious office supplies.

2. Tea/Coffee

Here’s the thing. Of all the Educators we know, every single one of them would appreciate a cup of jo. Or hot chocolate. Or tea. Put together a caffeine free tea set for them to enjoy after a long day’s work. Your kindness will be universally loved.

3. Gift Cards

This item is probably on every must-buy list. When it comes to your daycare provider, even a small token “Next coffee is on me” goes a long way. Coffee shops, Movies, bookstores, manicure/pedicure, even iTunes or!

4. Books and supplies for the classroom.

School supplies can be expensive and many centers are on a limited budget. Why not make your holiday gift something everyone can benefit directly from? Build a basket full of Sharpies, post-it notes, disinfectant wipes, and Kleenex.

5. Donations

If you would prefer not to purchase a consumable gift or give cash (in the form of gift cards), why not make a charity donation to a children’s charity in their name?

6. Thank you letters

Giving gifts around the holiday season really comes down to showing your appreciation for all the hard work your Educator has done. So keep it simple and have your child sign a handwritten personal thank-you note.

7. Packaged treats

Lastly, everyone loves snack time – even your teachers. Add Fancy popcorn, dark chocolate and high-quality healthy fruit snacks to your next grocery shop.

What is a top list without the should-avoids?

Here is a list of the items you might want to reconsider giving to your educator, as they frequently come up as the most-returned or re-gifted.

1. Figurines or trinkets

They can be cute, but mugs, desk decorations are just taking up space that could be used for supplies and child artwork.

2. Christmas decorations/ornaments

We love them, and our classrooms are full.

3. Apple-themed or #1 Teacher items

Every Teacher already has a few. More than a few…

4. Stuffed animals

See point #1.

5. Scented items

Be conscious of allergies to scents and avoid candles, soaps, and lotions

6. Clothing and Jewelry

It’s difficult to pick out something he/she will truly love, and clothes/jewelry are likely to cost way more than any item on our must-get list.

7. Homemade treats

Unless you are sure you’re not offending anyone’s allergies or current diet, best to stay away from homemade treats.